Cautionary Tales




SHARP is very concerned for the future of our area, given the numerous tales of “things gone wrong” in so many communities.

Other cities and communities have ended up regretting their decisions in signing what has become a “one way ticket” to unwanted and unlimited microwave towers:

Report: The Fallout From the Telecommunications Act of 1996: Unintended Consequences and Lessons Learned


A 55′ ham radio tower appeared overnight in an historic Napa neighborhood last year. Residents have been trying to get it removed ever since:

Read the Napa Vally Study


And very close by, a ham radio tower became a cell tower antenna site on English Hill in Sonoma County:

How an Antenna became a CELL TOWER in Sonoma County


One amazing success story! Firefighters and neighbors in Agoura Hills and surrounding areas protested and were heard by county officials, who stopped work on a multi- tower project:

One success story

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SHARP - Sebastopol Hills Alliance for Rural Preservation Preserving the natural beauty and character of the West Sonoma County Hills, for today and for future generations. Next action: Limit the proliferation of CELL PHONE Towers in the Hills of Sebastopol.

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