Antenna Towers and the Pleasant Hill Reservoir

The City of Sebastopol purchased the property now known as the Pleasant Hill Reservoir in 1976, and completed construction on the two existing water tanks in 1979 and 1987.

According to local families living here at the time the tanks were constructed, the City Council provided information to residents explaining the Reservoir’s use and specifically limiting any further development on the property. The City painted the tanks a muted green and planted evergreen trees. Within 10-15 years the tanks were reasonably well camouflaged.

But in 1994, the City reneged on its promise to retain the property for use as a reservoir exclusively, by allowing a Use Permit application to GTE MobilNet to build a 75 foot cell tower on the site. Neighbors vehemently opposed the application, and it was eventually unanimously denied by both the Planning Commission and the City Council.

Now once again the City has allowed an application for a KOWS 70 foot antenna tower to be placed on the reservoir site. The City Planning Commission staff has even classified the proposed tower as a Major Telecommunications Facility.

This is essentially an open invitation to other telecommunications companies.

SHARP would like the City to honor its promises to its West County  neighbors, respect the clear message from rural residentially zoned surrounding property owners regarding antenna towers and any other uses so completely detrimental to our health and well-being, and stop considering further development at the Pleasant Hill Reservoir. 

imageMore history in this Press Democrat article, dated July 22, 1994
“Neighbors oppose 75-foot antenna on Sebastopol hill”
Fears of blight, health hazards

By Clark Mason

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