Sever Problems with KOWS Plan

Collocation and Microwaves

See why 140 Sonoma County residents have signed the petition

Misrepresentations & Omissions

KOWS repeatedly misrepresents itself to the Planning Commissioners and in other public venues…

Unanswered Questions

The last city council session left many unanswered questions…


Claim: KOWS must have a tower “or die”
– Wrong: They already reach a world-wide audience by streaming.

Claim: This is the “only site”
– Wrong: There are many other options

Claim: The proposed EMF radiation is safe
– Then they presented an incorrect data set at the meeting

Claim: KOWS was forced to leave their current location
– Wrong: OAEC was more than happy to keep hosting their antenna

Who cares about your safety?

Is the EMF radiation from a broadcast tower really SAFE?

New studies are revealing actual mechanisms for known BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS of weak electromagnetic fields.

With the very real threat of cell tower proliferation and an even greater increase in EMF EXPOSURE for the residential county neighborhood, including 6 schools within a mile radius, SHARP believes there is a completely reasonable cause for concern about the health implications of this proposed tower.

Needs Versus Wants

KOWS presents their arguments as “MUST HAVES” but refuses to acknowledge the obvious…

Ignoring the Environment

Planning Director decides a CEQA report is unnecessary merely because “we already know what it will say“…

Alternative Sites

There are solutions


SHARP’s Mission

To preserve the natural beauty and character of the West Sonoma County Hills, for today and for future generations.

SHARP’s unique circumstances stem from the City of Sebastopol’s ownership of an island of property known as the Pleasant Hill Reservoir, which is surrounded by our county homes and farms.

Recent consideration by the city of a Use Permit for an industrial 70 foot antenna tower on this property has propelled us into actions deemed necessary to maintain the peace, health, safety and welfare of our families, our neighbors, and all who have invested in and appreciate the simple rural lifestyle in the West County.


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SHARP - Sebastopol Hills Alliance for Rural Preservation Preserving the natural beauty and character of the West Sonoma County Hills, for today and for future generations. Next action: Limit the proliferation of CELL PHONE Towers in the Hills of Sebastopol.

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